DIBELS DeepWhat is DIBELS Deep?

DIBELS® Deep is an advanced assessment tool for students who have not yet reached their grade-level benchmark goals or for students who may have met some benchmark goals but are inaccurate in their skills. The tool is a set of brief measures that are individually administered, untimed assessments of critical reading skills.

Why DIBELS Deep?

DIBELS Deep helps educators build a practical bridge between data and instruction to target the needs of struggling readers. DIBELS Deep helps educators address:

  • The types of supports needed for students
  • How students should be grouped
  • Which specific skills should be the focus instruction
  • Which instructional strategies should be implemented


The materials used in DIBELS Deep are:

  • Focused on Phonemic Awareness and Word Reading and Decoding
  • Easily administered and highly rated in terms of usefulness of data
  • Aligned with the Common Core State Standards and other State Standards
  • Time-efficient (~10 minutes each) and cost-effective
  • Correlated to DIBELS Next, but can also be used for students who are not reaching benchmark on any screener
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