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Unlock the Needs of Your Students With Assessments You Can Trust

ClearSight features standards-aligned assessments for reading, writing, editing, listening, math, and science with rigorous, validated items.

The assessments meet various educator needs, including topic-focused benchmark measures that can be used during instruction and subject-area interim measures that can indicate students' progress toward success on state tests.

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A Clear Look Into How Students Are Learning

With ClearSight Assessments, educators can:

  • Collect more information about what each student knows and can do in short, automatically scored and reported assessments
  • Use results with confidence as the interims and benchmarks are valid and reliable with grade-level items that have been through the complete assessment development and testing cycle
  • Rely on relevancy as the assessments apply the same test delivery system, item types, accommodations, and accessibility features that 26 states use for state assessments

An Easy, Accurate Way for Schools to Administer High-Quality Assessments Throughout the Year

ClearSight has both fixed-form benchmark and adaptive interim assessments, including traditional and technology-enhanced items.

  • All items have been through the same rigorous reviews, field-testing, and administration as items on state accountability assessments
  • Technology-enhanced items provide flexible ways to assess standards and require students to construct their responses, reducing the likelihood of arriving at the correct answer by guessing
  • The assessments, including student essays for evaluating writing, are automatically scored and reported using proven scoring and artificial intelligence algorithms
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ClearSight Gives


  • Short pretests and posttests to determine students’ growth and mastery of concepts taught
  • Information that can be used to identify learning gaps and necessary interventions
  • Immediate insights into students’ preparedness to take a state assessment
  • The flexibility to track students’ achievement relative to state college and career readiness standards
  • The ability to author their own items with easy-to-use item templates
  • A tool to create their own tests for specific needs and to share them with colleagues

District Leaders:

  • Comfort utilizing a proven platform used by 26 states for summative testing
  • The ability to preset and monitor assessments based on a district assessment schedule
  • Insight to quickly see how each school is performing

IT/CTO Leaders:

  • Ease of installation across school machines, requiring no special hardware and only a single piece of software, a secure browser, to lock down the student desktop
  • The ability for the secure browser installation to occur one machine at a time or across a district network with minimum impact to the district tech infrastructure
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The Clear Choice for Educators

ClearSight uses the same platform, secure browser, accommodations, accessibility features, and item types that students and teachers in 28 states and jurisdictions already use to administer, score, and report state assessments.

ClearSight Assessments can be given in one class period, throughout the year, and provide powerful insights on student performance.

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Using technology-enhanced items (TEIs) for assessment is an engaging addition to traditional classroom tests. Many state summative assessments include these items and research has shown their effectiveness in measuring student learning. Many assessment-delivery platforms allow teachers to write their own items and create their own assessments to specifically assess how their students are responding to classroom instruction.

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This fall, students will start school with varying degrees of learning loss due to spring school closures. The need for accurate assessment will be critical as educators work to determine where incoming students are in relation to their prior grade's achievement standards. By pinpointing specific areas of weakness, schools and districts can appropriately address learning gaps, plan intervention, and move on to new content that meets student needs.

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Back to school 2020 will be like no other in history. As districts, schools, and families begin to work through educational plans for the new academic year, educators must address student learning loss during the extended spring school closure—known as the COVID slide. School reopening plans will vary, depending on many safety, social, and economic factors. However, one thing will be certain: teachers must have valid ways to reliably assess where students are in their progression of learning.

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See how ClearSight Assessments can impact student achievement in your school

Cambium Learning® Group, Inc., acquired AIR® Assessment in January 2020. Since 1999, AIR Assessment has become one of the largest and fastest-growing providers of state assessment solutions. Developed by AIR Assessment, ClearSight assesses grades K–8 and high school for ELA and math; grades 5, 8, and 11 for science.